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MLB DFS Plays: Tuesday 10/27

by Brad Johnson
Updated On: October 27, 2020, 6:34 pm ET

This article outlines the best daily fantasy MLB plays of the day at every position. We take a comprehensive look to uncover these core recommendations, factoring respective salaries into the analysis.

Please note, these player picks were organized early in the day. For MLB contests, always check lineups and weather closer to game time. Rain, wind, or unexpected managerial decisions could open up additional sources of value. Be sure to keep an eye on the MLB Headlines and Injuries desk.

DraftKings and FanDuel are offering niche games tonight. You can assign point multipliers to run away from the crowd. Rather than our typical position-by-position breakdown, we’ll focus on who should be multiplied. DraftKings has two price points – multiplier and normal. FanDuel does not allow pitchers so let’s talk about them first.


Blake Snell – DK: $16500/$11000

Pitchers offer a more consistent path to high point totals than hitters which is why the only comparably priced bats are Corey Seager and Mookie Betts. I anticipate three to five innings from Snell – hardly time to compile a towering point total. By comparison, Tony Gonsolin can be expected to throw two to four innings. If you’re running a single entry in a GPP, I recommend eschewing pitchers entirely. Multi-entry players will want to diversify.

A point in Gonsolin’s favor – there’s a low percent chance of a longer outing, and it’s unlikely he’ll be rostered by many.

Also Consider: Tony Gonsolin


Corey Seager – DK: $15300/$10200, FD: $9500

As the most expensive hitter with a lefty versus lefty matchup, Seager’s rostership will be slightly suppressed. The thing is, Seager is still a well-above average hitter against fellow southpaws, and it’s not like he’s only going to face Snell. Although he’ll be less popular than he should be, he’ll still be one of the most-used hitters.

Mookie Betts – DK: $15000/$10000, FD: $9000

Betts is hitting well if not spectacularly this postseason – mostly because he has only one home run. He remains a multi-homer threat despite the temporary power outage. He matches up well with Snell – at least as well as anyone can match up to him.

It’ll be difficult but not impossible to fit Seager and Betts on the same roster. We’re likely to see three exceedingly common configurations – the duo with a cluster of bargains or the two studs used individually with a more balanced supporting cast. If you’re trying to be contrarian – a plausible approach to any GPP based on a single game – you may want to avoid these studs (and the next guy).

Randy Arozarena – DK: $14400/$9600, FD: $8500

After an incredible regular season, Arozarena has found a new gear in the postseason. Even his foul balls are loud. He’s a pull-side, low-angle hitter which pairs well against a fly ball pitcher like Tony Gonsolin. He’ll likely face the Dodgers starter no more than twice, and the L.A. bullpen generally skews towards inducing ground balls. Since he’s surrounded by left-handed hitters, he’s often granted the platoon advantage late in games.

He could prove to be the most popular hitter, leading me to look in other directions. That said, he’s also the best-projected Ray.

Brandon Lowe – DK: $12900/$8600, FD: $7500

Other directions like Lowe. The multi-homer threat is comparatively affordable and has tangible potential to lead the slate in points. The initial matchup against Gonsolin is a tad awkward for Lowe. It’s fly ball pitcher versus fly ball hitter – a combination which tends to favor the pitcher. Due to a .116 BABIP, Lowe isn’t hitting well this postseason (.123/.179/.288). This should keep his rostership low. One concern is the Dodgers bevy of talented left-handed relievers.

Also Consider: Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger, Will Smith


Manuel Margot – DK: $10500/$7000, FD: $7000

Margot, like Arozarena, has found another level in the postseason. Unlike his teammate, he remains affordable – perhaps because he has a much longer history of tepid output. A ground ball hitter, he projects to be decent against Gonsolin. He’ll also likely get a look at left-handed relievers.

Austin Meadows – DK: $8700/$5800, FD: $6500

The Rays could really use some life from Meadows. He’s hitting just .125/.160/.250 in October after a disappointing regular season. He’s making considerably less hard and barreled contact, and he’s hitting too many pop outs and weak fly balls. Tampa Bay is using him as the leadoff against right-handed pitchers, but he gets subbed out when a left-handed reliever shows up.

By all indications, Meadows looks like a guy to avoid. Sometimes, those are the best bargains to roster. For instance, if you use Meadows as your multiplier on DraftKings, you can easily fit Betts, Seager, Arozarena, and the next guy.

Enrique Hernandez – DK: $9000/$6000, FD: $4000

The Dodgers favorite utility guy usually finds his way into the lineup against southpaws. He’s carved out a tidy career as a lefty-masher. He has considerably better plate discipline and batted ball outcomes with the platoon advantage. Snell performs well against right-handed hitters, although they are more likely to reach base than lefties. Hernandez is a substitution risk, but the same is true of just about every player at this price point.

Also Consider: A.J. Pollock, Kevin Kiermaier