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Fantasy Usage Model

Fantasy Usage Model: Week 2

by Hayden Winks
Updated On: September 16, 2020, 4:49 pm ET

Now that good data is publicly available, we’re able to more accurately evaluate opportunity for fantasy players. In this column, you’ll get the results of my “Fantasy Usage Model”, which is simply how many PPR fantasy points an average NFL player in an average NFL offense would’ve scored with the same exact adjusted opportunity. Read Targets Aren’t Created Equal and Carries Aren’t Created Equal if you want to see the type of variables that go into this model, but think air yards, relation to the sideline, yards from the end zone, and scheme indicator metrics. It’s a “Buy Low Model” if you’re familiar with the concept (shoutout to the great Josh Hermsmeyer). After comparing my model’s results with each player’s actual box scores, I’ll highlight players who I think are values for the upcoming week. This last part of the process is the most important because I know the things my model doesn’t understand and I can add the much-needed context to give the best results by combining analytics with news, injuries, and film. As always, reach out to me on Twitter (@HaydenWinks) if you have any questions.


Fantasy Usage Model - WRs

Week 1 fantasy usage and PPR data.


Fantasy Usage

Actual PPR


Davante Adams

32.1 (WR1)

41.6 (WR1)

Easily the WR1 overall.

Calvin Ridley

23.4 (WR2)

33.9 (WR2)

Will have top-10 volume.

DeAndre Hopkins

22.7 (WR3)

29.1 (WR3)

Shocking volume. Stud.

Amari Cooper

21.4 (WR4)

19.1 (WR15)

Great game vs. Ramsey.

Darius Slayton

20.5 (WR5)

28.2 (WR5)

Exploded w Tate out.

Russell Gage

20.0 (WR6)

20.4 (WR11)

Garbage-time king.

Jamison Crowder

19.7 (WR7)

24.5 (WR8)

Ugly OFF. Who cares?

Sammy Watkins

19.6 (WR8)

21.5 (WR10)

His mental health is better.

Quintez Cephus

19.4 (WR9)

7.3 (WR63)

Rookie in Golladay's role.

John Brown

19.4 (WR10)

19.0 (WR16)

Can't figure this out yet.

Julio Jones

19.3 (WR11)

24.7 (WR7)

Copy/paste 1,400 yards.

Allen Robinson

17.8 (WR12)

12.3 (WR33)

Will have top-10 volume.

D.J. Moore

17.5 (WR13)

9.4 (WR49)

More WR2 than WR1.

Odell Beckham

16.4 (WR14)

5.2 (WR77)

Used but missed (again).

Stefon Diggs

15.7 (WR15)

16.6 (WR22)

More PaAtt than expected.

Mike Williams

15.5 (WR16)

10.9 (WR39)

Appeared healthy.

Will Fuller

15.5 (WR17)

19.2 (WR14)

WR2 with huge upside.

A.J. Green

14.9 (WR18)

10.1 (WR44)

25% target share in return.

Parris Campbell

14.5 (WR19)

14.0 (WR27)

Athlete, good fit with Phil.

Emmanuel Sanders

14.2 (WR20)

10.5 (WR43)

Is Thomas injured?

T.Y. Hilton

14.0 (WR21)

9.3 (WR50)

IND will pass more in '20.

Diontae Johnson

14.0 (WR22)

11.7 (WR34)

Inconsistent but targeted.

Keenan Allen

13.5 (WR23)

7.7 (WR61)

Tyrod can't feed everyone.

Robert Woods

13.5 (WR24)

17.9 (WR18)

WR2 with WR1 upside.

Marvin Jones

13.4 (WR25)

9.5 (WR48)

WR3/flex with Golladay.

A.J. Brown

13.3 (WR26)

8.9 (WR53)

Already regressing to WR3.

Adam Thielen

13.0 (WR27)

29.0 (WR4)

MIN run rate is only concern.

Cole Beasley

12.8 (WR28)

9.8 (WR45)

Likely the odd man out.

Preston Williams

12.7 (WR29)

6.1 (WR74)

WR3 usage in bad OFF.

Julian Edelman

12.6 (WR30)

13.0 (WR31)

Ignore snaps. WR3 usage.

Jerry Jeudy

12.6 (WR31)

9.6 (WR46)

Bad drops but targeted.

Curtis Samuel

12.5 (WR32)

9.3 (WR50)

Moved to slot. Inconsistent.

Corey Davis

12.3 (WR33)

17.1 (WR21)

12-team bench option.

DK Metcalf

12.0 (WR34)

19.5 (WR13)

Efficiency outlier. WR2.

Terry McLaurin

11.8 (WR35)

11.1 (WR37)

WR3 even in bad script.

Chris Godwin

11.8 (WR36)

13.9 (WR28)

How washed is Brady?

Tyler Lockett

11.5 (WR37)

17.2 (WR20)

Efficiency outlier. WR2.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

11.5 (WR38)

24.9 (WR6)

Big Ben looked alright!

DeSean Jackson

11.5 (WR39)

6.6 (WR72)

Just missed big plays.

Trent Taylor

11.4 (WR40)

2.7 (WR99)

At least ran routes.

Robby Anderson

11.4 (WR41)

23.5 (WR9)

WR4/5 usage as No. 3.

Adam Humphries

11.4 (WR42)

10.7 (WR41)

Very low ceiling.

Demarcus Robinson

11.4 (WR43)

5.0 (WR78)

Bad drops but No. 3 WR.

Anthony Miller

11.1 (WR44)

17.6 (WR19)

Route % is a concern.

CeeDee Lamb

10.9 (WR45)

10.9 (WR39)

WR4 with upside.

Danny Amendola

10.9 (WR46)

13.1 (WR30)

WR4 if Golladay misses.

Tyreek Hill

10.6 (WR47)

15.6 (WR25)

Efficiency outlier. WR1/2.

N'Keal Harry

10.4 (WR48)

8.9 (WR53)

Clearly No. 2 WR in NE.

Marquise Brown

10.3 (WR49)

15.1 (WR26)

Efficiency outlier. WR2/3.

Kendrick Bourne

10.2 (WR50)

5.4 (WR76)

WR5/6 with Deebo injured.

Greg Ward

10.0 (WR51)

8.1 (WR57)

Low ceiling.

Sterling Shepard

9.9 (WR52)

10.7 (WR41)

WR4/5 in suspect OFF.

Jarvis Landry

9.7 (WR53)

11.1 (WR37)

Flex only if Baker stinks.

Scotty Miller

9.5 (WR54)

12.9 (WR32)

WR5 if Evans is hurt.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling

9.3 (WR55)

19.6 (WR12)

Deep league pickup only.

Cooper Kupp

9.3 (WR56)

8.0 (WR58)

Only a 16% target share.

Michael Thomas

9.1 (WR57)

4.7 (WR79)

Sprained ankle.

Allen Lazard

8.7 (WR58)

18.2 (WR17)

Still a WR5 type.

Henry Ruggs

8.7 (WR59)

9.6 (WR46)

Promising debut as a WR4.

Dontrelle Inman

8.7 (WR60)

4.1 (WR84)

Off the radar.

Laviska Shenault

8.3 (WR61)

13.7 (WR29)

Must-add in 12-teamers.

Chris Hogan

8.2 (WR62)

1.0 (WR117)

Off the radar.

Mike Evans

8.1 (WR63)

7.2 (WR65)

Clearly injured in Week 1.

Miles Boykin

8.1 (WR64)

6.7 (WR70)

TD-dependent No. 2 WR.

Keelan Cole

8.0 (WR65)

15.7 (WR24)

Played ahead of Conley.

Willie Snead

7.9 (WR66)

16.4 (WR23)

TD-dependent No. 3 WR.

John Ross

7.8 (WR67)

3.7 (WR90)

Bad drops but played.

Christian Kirk

7.7 (WR68)

1.0 (WR117)

Bad in '19. Bad in Week 1.

Brandin Cooks

7.7 (WR69)

4.0 (WR88)

Week 1 was a bad sign.

Michael Gallup

7.6 (WR70)

8.0 (WR58)

Shocking. Not sure why.

John Hightower

7.5 (WR71)

0.8 (WR119)

Off the radar.

Jalen Reagor

7.3 (WR72)

6.5 (WR73)

Bench stash only.

Tim Patrick

7.2 (WR73)

6.9 (WR68)

Off the radar.

David Moore

7.2 (WR74)

7.0 (WR67)

Off the radar.

Tyler Boyd

6.8 (WR75)

7.3 (WR63)

WR4/5 with A.J. back.

Breshad Perriman

6.8 (WR76)

4.7 (WR79)

TD-dependent in bad OFF.

Larry Fitzgerald

6.8 (WR77)

7.4 (WR62)

Off the radar.

Randall Cobb

6.4 (WR78)

4.3 (WR83)

Off the radar.

Bisi Johnson

6.3 (WR79)

8.6 (WR56)

Off the radar.

D.J. Chark

6.2 (WR80)

11.5 (WR35)

Minshew only had 20 att.

James Washington

5.9 (WR81)

11.4 (WR36)

Big-play threat only.

Jakeem Grant

5.8 (WR82)

5.5 (WR75)

Off the radar.

Zach Pascal

5.6 (WR83)

3.8 (WR89)

Off the radar.

Isaiah McKenzie

5.5 (WR84)

4.7 (WR79)

Off the radar.

Isaiah Ford

5.3 (WR85)

3.3 (WR96)

Off the radar.

Javon Wims

5.2 (WR86)

7.1 (WR66)

Off the radar.

Steven Sims

5.1 (WR87)

8.0 (WR58)

Off the radar.

DeAndre Carter

4.9 (WR88)

1.8 (WR109)

Off the radar.

DeVante Parker

4.9 (WR89)

8.7 (WR55)

Aggravated hamstring.

Mike Thomas

4.8 (WR90)

3.7 (WR90)

Off the radar.

Darnell Mooney

4.8 (WR91)

6.8 (WR69)

Off the radar.

KhaDarel Hodge

4.7 (WR92)

2.2 (WR104)

Off the radar.

DaeSean Hamilton

4.7 (WR93)

2.8 (WR98)

Off the radar.

Van Jefferson

4.5 (WR94)

4.1 (WR84)

Off the radar.

Hunter Renfrow

4.3 (WR95)

4.1 (WR84)

Off the radar.

Justin Jefferson

4.2 (WR96)

4.6 (WR82)

Off the radar.

Cordarrelle Patterson

4.1 (WR97)

4.1 (WR84)

Off the radar.

Marvin Hall

3.6 (WR98)

3.6 (WR93)

Off the radar.

Kalif Raymond

3.5 (WR99)

2.2 (WR104)

Off the radar.

Michael Pittman

3.5 (WR100)

3.0 (WR97)

Off the radar.


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Top 10 Rebound Candidates of Week 2

These are the 10 WRs I project to go overlooked after suspect box score production recently.


1. Allen Robinson

Will it be pretty with Mitchell Trubisky? No, but the volume will be there for Robinson regardless. In Week 1, Robinson had 10 targets and 148 air yards (WR12 fantasy usage), making him an all-too-obvious rebound candidate ahead of the Week 2 matchup against a woeful Giants secondary that was just roasted by all three Steelers receivers. Robinson also had 25.1 PPR points against New York last season.


2. D.J. Moore

Teddy Bridgewater has a limited arm, but the Panthers will sling the rock a ton, even if Moore’s target share drops with Robby Anderson providing more target competition. His WR13 fantasy usage from Week 1 is a sign that he’ll provide at least WR2-level fantasy numbers on a team that’ll be constantly forced into negative game scripts. I’m buying low on Moore, particularly with the Bucs secondary beatable and pass funnelly (if that’s a word). 


3. Keenan Allen

There are more people than chairs when the music stops in the Chargers Offense. The first game was ugly, but Allen is a rebound candidate after converting nine targets and 88 air yards (WR23 fantasy usage) into 7.7 PPR points, especially with negative game script coming in Week 2. Expect a healthy number of targets for Allen while trailing to the Chiefs’ next Sunday. He’s scored 23.2 and 21.1 PPR points in his last two contests against Kansas City. I like him as an upside WR3.


4. A.J. Green

The Bengals passing offense has work to do after a sluggish Week 1 performance, but part of that was because of the Chargers’ stud defense. Even though it only equated to 10.1 PPR points, Green looked like a version of his old self and operated as the Bengals’ clear-cut top target (25% target share with WR18 fantasy usage) despite only running a route on 69% of the Bengals’ dropbacks as he works into playing shape. A softer matchup against the Browns’ injured secondary is the perfect buy low spot for Green, who was doubted all offseason by the fantasy community. Consider me a Green buyer as a WR3 rebound candidate.


5. T.Y. Hilton

The Colts somehow lost to the damn Jaguars in Week 1, but Hilton was very involved as expected. He had nine targets and 109 air yards (WR21 fantasy usage) while earning a 20% target share. Indianapolis will throw the ball far more than they did in 2019 with Philip Rivers under center, giving Hilton a clear path to WR2/3 production this season. There’s a potential for a ceiling game at home against the vulnerable Vikings’ corners in Week 2 (Davante Adams had 41.6 PPR points versus MIN last week). I’ll have Hilton inside my top-24 receivers most likely.


6. Marvin Jones

It was a disappointing 9.5 PPR-point performance for Jones in Week 1 with Kenny Golladay (hamstring) sidelined. The good news is that Jones’ volume was there (WR25 fantasy usage on eight targets and 70 air yards), and he’ll be facing an easier matchup in Week 2 against the Packers than he had in the season opener against the Bears. If Golladay is active, I like Jones as an upside flex. If Golladay’s hamstring lingers, Jones will be a WR3 with upside in Week 3, while rookie Quintez Cephus carries some deep-league appeal following his 10-target, 129-air yard performance.


7. Odell Beckham

Beckham was one of the biggest positive regression candidates of the offseason, yet he ends up here as a value after his disastrous Week 1 performance. Despite 129 air yards and 10 targets (WR14 fantasy usage), Odell busted for 5.2 PPR points. He had a bad drop, but otherwise looked explosive as a big-play threat. The bigger issue is his chemistry with Baker Mayfield, who I think is just bad at this point. The good news is that he catches the Bengals at home on a short week next. We’ll quickly learn if there’s any hope in Cleveland. I’ll be rolling the dice.


8. Emmanuel Sanders

Drew Brees’ age looks like an actual problem, but Sanders’ Week 1 usage wasn’t. He had WR20 fantasy usage on five targets because they came closer to the goal-line. That’s the advantage of playing for a good football team like the Saints. His Week 2 matchup against the Raiders couldn’t be better, especially after the Panthers’ receiver corps went crazy against them last Sunday. Sanders has flex appeal if Michael Thomas is active. If he’s not, Sanders must be in season-long lineups.


9. A.J. Brown

Well, well, well. The biggest negative regression candidate of 2020 has appeared on a positive regression candidate list for Week 2. Brown’s unsustainable efficiency as a rookie won’t repeat this season, but neither will his below-average stat line from Week 1 while playing in the Denver altitude. He still saw WR26 fantasy usage on eight targets, which is in line with my WR3 projection for Brown this season. Expect a rebound game at home against the beatable Jaguars secondary this week.


10. Preston Williams

With CB Stephon Gilmore in coverage, Williams struggled to produce in the box score, but Week 1 was still a positive for his 2020 outlook. He handled WR29 fantasy usage with seven targets and 104 air yards, and DeVante Parker left after aggravating his lingering hamstring injury. If Parker is out for Week 2, I’d be willing to start Williams even though he’ll be draped by CB Tre’Davious White and the Bills’ studly secondary. The usage is too much to ignore.


Fantasy Usage Model - TEs

Week 1 fantasy usage and PPR data.


Fantasy Usage

Actual PPR


Mark Andrews

16.3 (TE1)

22.8 (TE2)

Jumping to elite tier.

Logan Thomas

16.0 (TE2)

13.7 (TE7)

This year's Waller?

Hunter Henry

15.5 (TE3)

12.3 (TE12)

TE1 in a limited OFF.

Jimmy Graham

15.1 (TE4)

11.5 (TE14)

What the heck? I'll fade.

Zach Ertz

14.6 (TE5)

10.8 (TE15)

Catch. Fall over. Repeat.

Dallas Goedert

14.5 (TE6)

24.1 (TE1)

Changing of the guard?

Evan Engram

13.8 (TE7)

2.9 (TE36)

Usage checked TE1 box.

Jonnu Smith

12.6 (TE8)

13.6 (TE8)

Week 1 was a good sign.

Travis Kelce

12.2 (TE9)

17 (TE4)

Elite TE1 always.

Jared Cook

11.2 (TE10)

13 (TE10)

TE1/2 in good situation.

Noah Fant

10.7 (TE11)

19.1 (TE3)

Flashed w Sutton out.

Darren Waller

10.6 (TE12)

10.5 (TE16)

Should be fine as a TE1.

Chris Herndon

10.5 (TE13)

9.7 (TE17)

On TE1/2 borderline.

George Kittle

10.1 (TE14)

9.3 (TE18)

Missed snaps. Elite TE1.

O.J. Howard

9.5 (TE15)

13.6 (TE8)

Better than Old Gronk.

T.J. Hockenson

9.4 (TE16)

16.6 (TE5)

Flashed w Golladay out.

C.J. Uzomah

9.0 (TE17)

8.5 (TE19)

Okay TE2 streamer.

Mike Gesicki

8.9 (TE18)

6 (TE24)

Big slot on TE1/2 line.

Jack Doyle

8.1 (TE19)

7.9 (TE20)

Okay TE2 streamer.

Dalton Schultz

8.0 (TE20)

2.1 (TE44)

New Jarwin as a TE2/3.

Greg Olsen

7.5 (TE21)

12.4 (TE11)

Okay TE2 streamer.

David Njoku

7.5 (TE22)

14 (TE6)


Hayden Hurst

7.0 (TE23)

6.8 (TE23)

TE1/2 in good situation.

Dawson Knox

6.9 (TE24)

4.6 (TE26)

Okay TE2 streamer.

Tyler Higbee

6.1 (TE25)

7 (TE22)

TE1/2 in good situation.

Nick Vannett

5.6 (TE26)

0.4 (TE57)

Off the radar.

Jake Butt

5.5 (TE27)

1 (TE55)

Got punched on MNF.

Rob Gronkowski

4.7 (TE28)

3.1 (TE35)

Saw on a milk carton.

Nick Boyle

4.4 (TE29)

2.3 (TE40)

Off the radar.

Jordan Akins

4.1 (TE30)

11.9 (TE13)

Off the radar.

Vance McDonald

4.0 (TE31)

1.3 (TE53)

Off the radar.

MyCole Pruitt

3.9 (TE32)

7.1 (TE21)

Off the radar.

Eric Ebron

3.8 (TE33)

2.8 (TE37)

Off the radar.

Jason Witten

3.5 (TE34)

1.2 (TE54)

Off the radar.

Kyle Rudolph

3.5 (TE35)

4.8 (TE25)

Off the radar.

Josiah Deguara

3.4 (TE36)

2.2 (TE42)

Off the radar.

Anthony Firkser

3.4 (TE37)

2.5 (TE39)

Off the radar.

Mo Alie-Cox

3.3 (TE38)

4 (TE28)

Off the radar.

Austin Hooper

3.2 (TE39)

3.5 (TE32)

Week 1 was a bad sign.

Kaden Smith

3.2 (TE40)

3.7 (TE30)

Off the radar.

Jordan Reed

3.1 (TE41)

3.2 (TE34)

Off the radar.

Ian Thomas

3.1 (TE42)

3.6 (TE31)


Virgil Green

3.1 (TE43)

2 (TE46)

Off the radar.

Ryan Izzo

3.0 (TE44)

3.5 (TE32)

Off the radar.

Cole Kmet

2.9 (TE45)

0 (TE58)

Off the radar.

Harrison Bryant

2.8 (TE46)

1.5 (TE51)

Off the radar.

Demetrius Harris

2.7 (TE47)

0 (TE58)

Off the radar.

Gerald Everett

2.7 (TE48)

1.7 (TE49)

Off the radar.

Will Dissly

2.7 (TE49)

2.8 (TE37)

Off the radar.

Dan Arnold

2.7 (TE50)

4.1 (TE27)

Off the radar.

Maxx Williams

2.6 (TE51)

0 (TE58)

Off the radar.

Jamal Agnew

2.6 (TE52)

0 (TE58)

Off the radar.

Darren Fells

2.6 (TE53)

3.9 (TE29)

Off the radar.

Irv Smith

1.7 (TE54)

2.1 (TE44)


Chris Manhertz

1.6 (TE55)

1.4 (TE52)

Off the radar.

Jace Sternberger

1.6 (TE56)

0 (TE58)


Luke Stocker

1.5 (TE57)

0 (TE58)

Off the radar.

Cameron Brate

1.5 (TE58)

0 (TE58)

Off the radar.

Blake Jarwin

1.4 (TE59)

2.2 (TE42)

Tore ACL.

Stephen Carlson

1.4 (TE60)

0 (TE58)

Off the radar.

Tyler Eifert

1.4 (TE61)

1.8 (TE48)

Off the radar.

Jacob Hollister

1.3 (TE62)

1.9 (TE47)

Off the radar.

James O'Shaughnessy

1.3 (TE63)

1 (TE55)

Off the radar.

Drew Sample

1.3 (TE64)

1.7 (TE49)

Off the radar.

Levine Toilolo

1.3 (TE65)

2.3 (TE40)

Off the radar.



Fantasy Usage Model - RBs

Week 1 fantasy usage and PPR data.


Fantasy Usage

Actual PPR


Clyde Edwards-Helaire

28.8 (RB1)

19.8 (RB10)

Failed at GL.

Aaron Jones

28.2 (RB2)

17.6 (RB12)

Great game script.

Josh Jacobs

28.0 (RB3)

35.9 (RB1)

Played pass downs.

Derrick Henry

27.7 (RB4)

16.1 (RB14)

Had more pass downs.

Saquon Barkley

26.3 (RB5)

12.6 (RB23)

Stuffed by PIT.

Alvin Kamara

25.3 (RB6)

23.7 (RB8)

Top-5 RB.

Zack Moss

23.7 (RB7)

11.7 (RB27)

Failed at GL.

Nyheim Hines

23.1 (RB8)

27.3 (RB4)

Rivers peppers RBs.

Christian McCaffrey

22.9 (RB9)

28.4 (RB2)

Slightly smaller role.

Peyton Barber

22.5 (RB10)

14.9 (RB15)

Needs game script.

Ezekiel Elliott

21.4 (RB11)

27.7 (RB3)

Top-5 RB.

Todd Gurley

20.4 (RB12)

13.7 (RB20)

3-down role for now.

Malcolm Brown

20.2 (RB13)

26 (RB5)

Leader of RBBC.

Devin Singletary

17.3 (RB14)

10.3 (RB31)

Aided by scoreboard.

Jonathan Taylor

16.8 (RB15)

14.9 (RB15)

Mack to IR.

Melvin Gordon

16.5 (RB16)

17.6 (RB12)

Lindsay injured?

Raheem Mostert

16.3 (RB17)

25.1 (RB6)

Clear SF lead back.

Latavius Murray

15.7 (RB18)

4.8 (RB56)

Aided by scoreboard.

Jerick McKinnon

15.3 (RB19)

13.4 (RB22)

Passing down RB.

Ronald Jones

14.9 (RB20)

10.2 (RB32)

Fournette is coming.

Kareem Hunt

14.5 (RB21)

12.1 (RB24)

Aided by scoreboard.

Chris Carson

14.2 (RB22)

24.6 (RB7)

SEA #LetRussCook.

Dalvin Cook

14.0 (RB23)

17.8 (RB11)

Run-first (bad) team.

Adrian Peterson

13.8 (RB24)

14.4 (RB18)

Better than Kerryon.

Jamaal Williams

13.0 (RB25)

8.2 (RB40)

GB change of pace.

Austin Ekeler

13.0 (RB26)

9.7 (RB35)

Lost targets, GL work.

Kenyan Drake

12.5 (RB27)

14.5 (RB17)

Bad game script.

David Montgomery

11.9 (RB28)

8.4 (RB38)

Will play more.

Joe Mixon

11.7 (RB29)

8.1 (RB43)

Few passing downs.

Chase Edmonds

11.7 (RB30)

13.5 (RB21)

Mostly RB insurance.

D'Andre Swift

11.5 (RB31)

11.3 (RB28)

RB2 in RBBC.

Benny Snell

11.3 (RB32)

11.3 (RB28)

May start Week 2.

David Johnson

11.2 (RB33)

19.9 (RB9)

Looked good.

Joshua Kelley

11.1 (RB34)

12 (RB25)

Had some GL looks.

J.D. McKissic

10.9 (RB35)

0.9 (RB83)

Split work with AG.

Alexander Mattison

10.3 (RB36)

12 (RB25)

Elite RB insurance.

James Robinson

10.2 (RB37)

10 (RB34)

Flex in deep leagues.

Myles Gaskin

9.7 (RB38)

10.6 (RB30)

Better than Breida.

Jordan Howard

9.4 (RB39)

6.7 (RB47)

Why'd you draft him?

Cam Akers

9.3 (RB40)

5.3 (RB53)

Bench stash only.

Giovani Bernard

9.3 (RB41)

6.8 (RB46)

Played passing downs.

James Conner

9.3 (RB42)

3.7 (RB61)

Sprained ankle.

Antonio Gibson

9.2 (RB43)

6.4 (RB50)

Flex as an underdog.

Tarik Cohen

8.5 (RB44)

6.7 (RB47)

Bench stash only.

Devontae Booker

8.2 (RB45)

8.2 (RB40)

Off the radar.

Ito Smith

8.1 (RB46)

3.6 (RB62)

Off the radar.

Phillip Lindsay

8.0 (RB47)

4.5 (RB57)

Injured foot.

Mark Ingram

7.6 (RB48)

2.9 (RB65)

TD-dependent RB3.

J.K. Dobbins

7.5 (RB49)

14.2 (RB19)

Involved in RZ.

James White

7.5 (RB50)

8.2 (RB40)

NE will be run-heavy.

Boston Scott

7.5 (RB51)

7.4 (RB45)

OL ruined RB2/3 status.

Sony Michel

7.2 (RB52)

9.7 (RB35)

RBBC next to Cam.

Darrel Williams

6.4 (RB53)

5 (RB55)

Elite RB insurance.

Marlon Mack

6.2 (RB54)

8.6 (RB37)

Tore Achilles.

Travis Homer

5.9 (RB55)

2.3 (RB72)

Off the radar.

Nick Chubb

5.9 (RB56)

7.6 (RB44)

RB2 who needs a lead.

Le'Veon Bell

5.6 (RB57)

6.6 (RB49)

Injured hamstring.

Joshua Adams

5.5 (RB58)

10.2 (RB32)

Off the radar.

Corey Clement

5.5 (RB59)

4.1 (RB59)

Off the radar.

Carlos Hyde

5.4 (RB60)

8.3 (RB39)

Off the radar.

Tony Pollard

5.2 (RB61)

5.2 (RB54)

RB insurance only.

Royce Freeman

5.0 (RB62)

2.2 (RB73)

Is Lindsay injured?

Tevin Coleman

4.5 (RB63)

3.4 (RB63)

Played few snaps.

Leonard Fournette

4.1 (RB64)

2.9 (RB65)

Snaps will increase.

Matt Breida

4.0 (RB65)

2.2 (RB73)


Brian Hill

3.8 (RB66)

4 (RB60)

Off the radar.

Duke Johnson

3.8 (RB67)

1.4 (RB77)

Injured early.

Kyle Juszczyk

3.2 (RB68)

5.8 (RB51)

Off the radar.

Rex Burkhead

3.2 (RB69)

3.2 (RB64)

Off the radar.

J.J. Taylor

3.1 (RB70)

4.2 (RB58)

Off the radar.

Kerryon Johnson

3.1 (RB71)

1.4 (RB77)


Tyler Ervin

3.0 (RB72)

5.4 (RB52)

Off the radar.

Patrick Ricard

3.0 (RB73)

1.4 (RB77)

Off the radar.

Chris Thompson

2.8 (RB74)

2.6 (RB68)


Jaylen Samuels

2.8 (RB75)

1.3 (RB81)

Off the radar.

Patrick Laird

2.6 (RB76)

2.9 (RB65)

Off the radar.

Frank Gore

2.6 (RB77)

2.4 (RB70)

May start Week 2.

Darrell Henderson

2.4 (RB78)

0.6 (RB84)


LeSean McCoy

2.4 (RB79)

1.2 (RB82)

Off the radar.

Alex Armah

2.3 (RB80)

0.1 (RB88)

Off the radar.

Gus Edwards

2.1 (RB81)

1.7 (RB75)

Off the radar.

Dion Lewis

2.1 (RB82)

0.1 (RB88)

Off the radar.

Jeremy McNichols

1.8 (RB83)

0 (RB91)

Off the radar.

Wayne Gallman

1.4 (RB84)

2.4 (RB70)

Off the radar.

Jalen Richard

1.4 (RB85)

2.5 (RB69)

Off the radar.

Khari Blasingame

1.3 (RB86)

1.5 (RB76)

Off the radar.

Justin Jackson

1.0 (RB87)

0.4 (RB86)


AJ Dillon

0.9 (RB88)

1.4 (RB77)

RB insurance only.

D'Ernest Johnson

0.5 (RB89)

0.5 (RB85)

Off the radar.

Jason Huntley

0.4 (RB90)

0.1 (RB88)

Off the radar.

Anthony Sherman

0.3 (RB91)

0.2 (RB87)

Off the radar.



Week 1 Targets, Air Yards, Carries, and Red Zone Stats

Data courtesy of @nflfastR, @benbbaldwin, and @mrcaseb. Please let me know if you see incorrect data, which likely would be my fault to be honest (@HaydenWinks). Scroll right on desktop. Flip your phone on mobile.

PlayerPosTargetsAir YardsRZ TargetsCarriesInside 10 Carries
DeSean JacksonWR7214000
Julio JonesWR12188100
Davante AdamsWR17163300
Allen RobinsonWR9148210
Mike WilliamsWR9147100
Adam ThielenWR8143100
Jalen ReagorWR4136000
A.J. GreenWR9132000
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingWR6129000
Odell BeckhamWR10129000
Quintez CephusWR10129200
Will FullerWR10129000
DK MetcalfWR8118000
Marquise BrownWR6114000
Amari CooperWR14113200
Anthony MillerWR6109100
Jamison CrowderWR13109100
T.Y. HiltonWR9109100
Parris CampbellWR9107010
Preston WilliamsWR7104100
DeAndre HopkinsWR16103000
Darius SlaytonWR9102300
John BrownWR10102300
D.J. MooreWR9100100
Jerry JeudyWR8100000
Corey DavisWR895000
Henry RuggsWR593020
Russell GageWR1289200
Stefon DiggsWR989200
Keenan AllenWR888100
Robby AndersonWR982200
Tyler LockettWR877000
Jarvis LandryWR676000
Michael GallupWR576000
O.J. HowardTE675200
DaeSean HamiltonWR374000
Hunter HenryTE873200
Logan ThomasTE872100
Christian KirkWR570000
Curtis SamuelWR870010
Dontrelle InmanWR570000
Marvin JonesWR870100
Terry McLaurinWR770100
Danny AmendolaWR767000
Chris GodwinWR766100
Jared CookTE766100
Diontae JohnsonWR1063000
Mark AndrewsTE663400
John RossWR562000
Marvin HallWR262000
Tim PatrickWR562000
Julian EdelmanWR761110
Sammy WatkinsWR959310
Kendrick BourneWR558100
Dallas GoedertTE957100
Zach ErtzTE757100
Mike GesickiTE556100
Noah FantTE656100
Scotty MillerWR656010
Van JeffersonWR356000
A.J. BrownWR851100
Chris HoganWR449100
Tyreek HillWR649100
Cole BeasleyWR748100
David NjokuTE348100
Chris HerndonTE747000
Mike EvansWR547200
Brandin CooksWR546000
C.J. UzomahTE546100
James WashingtonWR346100
Michael ThomasWR545200
Willie SneadWR444200
Jack DoyleTE443100
Adam HumphriesWR742100
Demarcus RobinsonWR642200
Bisi JohnsonWR442000
Allen LazardWR441110
Calvin RidleyWR1241310
DeVante ParkerWR440000
Eric EbronTE239000
Hayden HurstTE638100
Breshad PerrimanWR537000
CeeDee LambWR637100
Sterling ShepardWR737200
Greg WardWR736000
Laviska ShenaultWR436120
Tyler BoydWR535000
Tajae SharpeWR135000
Dante PettisWR134000
Saquon BarkleyRB9342151
Evan EngramTE733200
KhaDarel HodgeWR333000
Trent TaylorWR533300
Chase ClaypoolWR232010
John HightowerWR432100
Zach PascalWR332100
JuJu Smith-SchusterWR631200
Keelan ColeWR531000
Darren WallerTE830100
Kenny StillsWR230000
Tyler HigbeeTE430000
Jerick McKinnonRB529232
Jakeem GrantWR428000
Mike ThomasWR328000
J.D. McKissicRB527230
George KittleTE526110
Isaiah FordWR426000
Darnell MooneyWR325000
Miles BoykinWR425200
Emmanuel SandersWR524400
Jordan AkinsTE224100
Josiah DeguaraTE224000
Nelson AgholorWR123000
Josh HillWR122000
Kalif RaymondWR222000
Kyle RudolphTE222000
N'Keal HarryWR622100
Rob GronkowskiTE322000
T.J. HockensonTE522100
Kyle JuszczykRB220010
Cooper KuppWR519100
Greg OlsenTE419100
Dawson KnoxTE318200
Le'Veon BellRB218060
Robert WoodsWR818210
Josh JacobsRB6170256
Ryan IzzoTE217000
Ted GinnWR117000
DeAndre CarterWR216100
D.J. CharkWR316100
Gerald EverettTE216000
Steven SimsWR316100
Austin HooperTE215000
Larry FitzgeraldWR515000
C.J. BoardWR214000
Dalton SchultzTE414200
Devin SingletaryRB714290
Jalen GuytonWR114000
Raheem MostertRB5140151
Seth RobertsWR214000
Travis KelceTE614200
Demetrius HarrisTE113100
Jonnu SmithTE713100
Alexander MattisonRB412061
Blake JarwinTE112000
Collin JohnsonWR112000
Damion RatleyWR112100
Ian ThomasTE212000
Jamal AgnewTE112100
Irv SmithTE111000
Michael PittmanWR211000
Randall CobbWR411200
Virgil GreenTE211000
Justin JeffersonWR310000
Cole KmetTE19100
Harrison BryantTE29000
Justin WatsonWR29000
Zack MossRB49294
D'Andre SwiftRB58131
Gabriel DavisWR28000
Nick BoyleTE38000
Brian HillRB27030
Ezekiel ElliottRB471222
Rashard HigginsWR17000
Dan ArnoldTE26000
Darren FellsTE26000
Freddie SwainWR16000
Hunter RenfrowWR26100
Jalen RichardRB16000
Mo Alie-CoxTE26000
Nick ChubbRB160100
Tevin ColemanRB26040
Alvin KamaraRB852123
Josh AdamsRB25021
Jordan ReedTE25000
James WhiteRB35050
Luke StockerTE15000
Levine ToiloloTE15000
Phillip LindsayRB15171
Christian McCaffreyRB440234
Josh ReynoldsWR14100
Kaden SmithTE24000
Ronald JonesRB340172
Todd GurleyRB540143
Tre'Quan SmithWR14000
Anthony FirkserTE23000
Aaron JonesRB634163
Cordarrelle PattersonWR13041
Derrick HenryRB331313
David MooreWR33210
Jake ButtTE23100
Javon WimsWR23100
Kareem HuntRB630131
LeSean McCoyRB13100
Royce FreemanRB13111
Vance McDonaldTE23100
Adrian PetersonRB320141
Chase EdmondsRB52160
Chris ThompsonRB22000
Jacob HollisterTE12000
Jason WittenTE12100
Maxx WilliamsTE22000
Nyheim HinesRB82272
Patrick RicardRB12011
Cam AkersRB110141
Devontae BookerRB31140
Duke JohnsonRB11050
Dion LewisRB11010
Khari BlasingameRB11000
MyCole PruittTE11100
Tyler EifertTE11000
Will DisslyTE21000
Wayne GallmanRB11000
Alex ArmahRB00021
AJ DillonRB00020
Aaron RodgersQB00010
Anthony ShermanRB00010
Baker MayfieldQB00020
Ben RoethlisbergerQB00030
Cameron BrateTE10000
Carlos HydeRB00071
Cam NewtonQB000154
Chris StrevelerQB00010
Carson WentzQB00010
Drew BreesQB00020
Dwayne HaskinsQB00072
Darrell HendersonRB00030
D'Ernest JohnsonRB00010
Daniel JonesQB00040
Drew LockQB00030
Dak PrescottQB00030
Drew SampleTE10000
Deshaun WatsonQB00061
Frank GoreRB00060
Gus EdwardsRB00040
Gardner MinshewQB00050
Josh AllenQB000141
Joe BurrowQB00080
J.K. DobbinsRB00072
Jimmy GaroppoloQB00010
Jared GoffQB00040
Jordan HowardRB00083
Jason HuntleyRB00010
Justin JacksonRB00020
Joshua KelleyRB000123
Kirk CousinsQB00040
Kerryon JohnsonRB00070
Kyler MurrayQB000130
Leonard FournetteRB10050
Lamar JacksonQB00070
Latavius MurrayRB101154
Matt BreidaRB00050
Mark IngramRB000101
Matt RyanQB00010
Matthew StaffordQB00050
Mitchell TrubiskyQB00030
Peyton BarberRB000177
Philip RiversQB00010
Rex BurkheadRB00070
Ryan FitzpatrickQB00062
Robert GriffinQB00010
Ryan TannehillQB00030
Russell WilsonQB00030
Stephen CarlsonTE10000
Sam DarnoldQB00010
Sony MichelRB000101
Tim BoyleQB00020
Tom BradyQB00031
Teddy BridgewaterQB00040
Ty MontgomeryWR00011
Tyrod TaylorQB00060
Bryan EdwardsWR1-1000
Braxton MillerWR1-1000
Chris ConleyWR1-1000
Devin DuvernayWR1-1000
Jimmy GrahamTE7-1300
Marlon MackRB3-1040
Patrick LairdRB2-1000
Taysom HillQB1-1031
Benny SnellRB1-20190
Ito SmithRB3-2210
James ConnerRB4-2060
James O'ShaughnessyTE1-2000
Jaylen SamuelsRB1-2010
Myles GaskinRB4-2090
Chris ManhertzTE1-3000
David JohnsonRB4-30110
Giovani BernardRB5-3110
Melvin GordonRB3-30152
Mecole HardmanWR1-3000
Tyrie ClevelandWR1-3000
Tony PollardRB3-3020
JJ TaylorRB1-4040
Tyler ErvinRB1-4030
Travis HomerRB2-4031
Austin EkelerRB1-50191
Jeremy McNicholsRB2-5000
James RobinsonRB1-50161
Nick VannettTE2-5100
Tarik CohenRB2-5170
Boston ScottRB2-6090
Corey ClementRB2-6060
David MontgomeryRB3-61130
Jamaal WilliamsRB4-6171
Kenyan DrakeRB2-60161
Antonio GibsonRB2-7091
Chris CarsonRB6-7260
Clyde Edwards-HelaireRB2-70257
Deonte HarrisWR1-7010
Darrel WilliamsRB2-7070
Dalvin CookRB2-80145
Joe MixonRB2-90190
Isaiah McKenzieWR3-10100
Jonathan TaylorRB6-20291
Malcolm BrownRB4-201183
Jace SternbergerTE1-21000