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Playoff Matchups and the 2020 NFL Draft Order

by Hayden Winks
Updated On: December 30, 2019, 12:32 am ET

With the regular season in the books, it's time to look ahead at all 32 teams as they go into the playoffs and 2020 NFL Draft. But before you do that, make sure to check out all the Rotoworld player blurbs that were posted on Sunday. Our writers spend a lot of time doing season recaps, and the blurbs are worth scanning for nuggets and offseason analysis. 


2019-20 NFL Playoffs


1. Ravens (bye)

2. Chiefs (bye)

3. Patriots (vs. TEN)

4. Texans (vs. BUF)

5. Bills (@ HOU)

6. Titans (@ NE)

The Ravens have been the best team in 2019, and it hasn’t been close, especially since they traded for CB Marcus Peters. The Chiefs might be the second-best team in the NFL, however. Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, elite skill-position weapons, and a great secondary are going to be tough to beat. New England looks very vulnerable given their disastrous offense led by the aging Tom Brady. I won’t be overly surprised if the Titans keep the game close or even win outright. The Texans need some positive news in regards to injuries to have a shot at an AFC Championship game. Hopefully Will Fuller and J.J. Watt can get ready in time. Buffalo is a team I’d happily fade because I have no trust in Josh Allen, especially on the road. 



1. 49ers (bye)

2. Packers (bye)

3. Saints (vs. MIN)

4. Eagles (vs. SEA)

5. Seahawks (@ PHI)

6. Vikings (@ NO)

The 49ers and Saints are the teams to beat in the NFC. Their offenses have been better than the Packers, and they have defenses that have flashed at times. The Packers are a team I’d fade in the various betting/fantasy playoff games out there. Aaron Rodgers and the offense has been wildly inconsistent despite facing an easier-than-normal schedule. The Seahawks, Eagles, and Vikings are facing uphill battles as slightly above-average teams heading into road games in the second round. If forced to pick one of these underdogs, I’d roll with Russell Wilson.


Playoff Predictions

AFC: The Ravens beat the Chiefs.

NFC: The Saints beat the 49ers.

Super Bowl: The Ravens win behind your 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson and a blitzing defense.


2020 NFL Draft Order

Here’s the 2020 NFL Draft order with quick notes on each teams’ quarterback situation:

1. Bengals - The Bengals are already designing a playbook for LSU QB Joe Burrow.

2. Redskins - I’m not expecting Washington to pull a “Josh Rosen” with Dwayne Haskins.

3. Lions - Matthew Stafford was having a career year before his back injury.

4. Giants - Daniel Jones and his turnovers will be under center for 2020 and possibly beyond.

5. Dolphins - They’ll look at the non-Burrow rookies but could find their franchise QB in 2021.

6. Chargers - A rookie or bridge QB should break in the new stadium with Philip Rivers likely out.

7. Panthers - Cam Newton only having one year left on his deal gives Carolina many options.

8. Cardinals - Kyler Murray showed an elite ceiling as a rookie despite a chaotic supporting cast.

9. Jaguars - A non-Burrow rookie would have to impress to join Gardner Minshew/Nick Foles.

10. Browns - Baker Mayfield deserves (and will get) another chance with a new coaching staff. 

11. Jets - Sam Darnold deserves a life in a non-Adam Gase world.

12. Raiders - Derek Carr can be released with relative ease if there’s a rookie that Gruden likes.

13. Colts - Jacoby Brissett’s contract ends after 2020, so Indy will be studying rookie QBs.

14. Buccaneers - Jameis Winston is expected to get one more year in TB under a franchise tag.

15. Broncos - I can’t eliminate Denver bringing in another rookie to join Drew Lock in 2020.

16. Falcons - Matt Ryan is under contract for eternity.

17. Cowboys - Dak Prescott will get tagged or paid like an elite quarterback this offseason.

18. Dolphins (from Steelers) - This pick could be used in a trade-up for a quarterback.

19. Raiders (from Bears) - This pick could be used in a trade-up for a quarterback.

20. Jaguars (from Rams) - This pick could be used in a trade-up for a quarterback.

To recap, here are my quarterback-needy teams ranked by draft order: Bengals, Redskins (?), Dolphins, Chargers, Panthers (?), Jaguars, Raiders, Colts, and Broncos (?).