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2021 Available Targets & Air Yards

by John Daigle
Updated On: July 29, 2021, 12:03 pm ET

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Below is a scrolling list of all 32 NFL teams’ targets, target share (percentage of team targets), Air Yards, percentage of Air Yards, targets inside the 10-yard line, and percentage of targets inside the 10 available ahead of the 2021 regular season. As players are re-signed and released, these charts will be updated to reflect vacant opportunity for every team. This tracker will be key when discussing ADP and forecasting opportunity and thus potential value in all formats throughout the offseason.

You can also track all unaccounted for carries throughout the offseason here.


All targets and Air Yards data is compiled from Pro Football Reference and Josh Hermsmeyer’s


Last Updated: 7/29

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TeamTargetsTarget%Inside 10Inside 10%WRRBTEOther
Detroit Lions36064.1%1550%28948221
Houston Texans24246%1842.8%1744028-
Jacksonville Jaguars24041.1%1145.8%1522464-
Tennessee Titans22447.9%1548.3%150173-
Carolina Panthers20037.9%1248%1117910-
Cincinnati Bengals19534.5%1236.6%1285971
Atlanta Falcons19532.2%1025.6%939111-
San Francisco 49ers19334.9%1435.8%955246-
Los Angeles Rams19033.8%937.5%814762-
New Orleans Saints17434.2%1348.1%100470-
New England Patriots17140.8%635.2%1183320-
Arizona Cardinals15628.6%513.8%7931451
Seattle Seahawks14426.8%1637.2%472077-
Los Angeles Chargers13622.2%925.7%-3799-
New York Giants13426.8%731.8%6371--
Chicago Bears12420.8%613.6%107215-
Las Vegas Raiders12023%1434.1%822117-
New York Jets11825.4%318.7%8632--
Kansas City Chiefs8714.2%1326%5520111
Indianapolis Colts8415.7%312.5%37-47-
Buffalo Bills8314.5%1126.8%57422-
Baltimore Ravens7017.9%618.1%5983-
Green Bay Packers6312.5%36.6%1350--
Pittsburgh Steelers639.6%25.5%-4320-
Denver Broncos6211.6%27.1%44144-
Philadelphia Eagles508.9%29.5%4361-
Minnesota Vikings398%38.5%-237-
Washington Football Team376.4%15%34-3-
Tampa Bay Buccaneers294.8%--1019--
Miami Dolphins254.5%--420-1
Dallas Cowboys162.5%13.1%--151
Cleveland Browns40.8%12.5%21-1



TeamAir YardsAir Yards%
Detroit Lions3,51672.3%
Houston Texans2,19546.8%
Jacksonville Jaguars2,14745.9%
Tennessee Titans2,14356.6%
Cincinnati Bengals1,77938.2%
New Orleans Saints1,59950.3%
New England Patriots1,49751.4%
Las Vegas Raiders1,36731.3%
Los Angeles Rams1,34334.4%
San Francisco 49ers1,33536.5%
New York Jets1,19029.2%
Arizona Cardinals1,07724.8%
Chicago Bears1,04622%
Atlanta Falcons1,00019.2%
Seattle Seahawks99422%
Indianapolis Colts90222.8%
Buffalo Bills84817.1%
Carolina Panthers84420.8%
Los Angeles Chargers75116.1%
Philadelphia Eagles61212.1%
New York Giants60815.6%
Denver Broncos60012.2%
Kansas City Chiefs52610.7%
Baltimore Ravens50214.8%
Washington Football Team3218.9%
Minnesota Vikings2546.8%
Green Bay Packers1022.5%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers971.7%
Dallas Cowboys771.6%
Miami Dolphins571.3%
Pittsburgh Steelers330.7%
Cleveland Browns320.7%


These lists will be depleted by re-signings and franchise tags. 
These lists will be supplemented by releases. 
This page will stay updated deep into the offseason.


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John Daigle is an Emmy and FSWA award winner who has been covering the NFL and fantasy football for over a decade, working with NBC Sports EDGE for almost four years. He enjoys watching golf and Jon Moxley, not necessarily in that order. You can follow him on Twitter @notJDaigle.