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By the Numbers

Available Targets & Air Yards

by John Daigle
Updated On: September 1, 2019, 6:25 pm ET

Below is a list of all 32 NFL teams’ targets, target share (percentage of team targets), Air Yards and percentage of Air Yards available. As players are re-signed, this chart will be updated to reflect available opportunity for every team. This will be key when discussing ADP and forecasting potential value prior to the 2019 season.

All targets and Air Yards data is compiled from Pro Football Reference and Josh Hermsmeyer’s AirYards.com.

Available Targets and Air Yards by Team

TeamTargetsTarget%Air YardsAir Yards%
Oakland Raiders42279.7% 3,55593.3%
Detroit Lions33860.4% 1,52938.6%
Baltimore Ravens30556.5% 2,87659.7% 
Buffalo Bills29762% 2,51750.1%
Jacksonville Jaguars25749% 1,56443.5%
New York Jets24248.1% 1,83340.1%
Pittsburgh Steelers24035.5% 2,54749.1%
Washington Redskins23447.8% 2,45560.1%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers23437.8% 2,228 33.6%
Dallas Cowboys19838.2% 1,54338.9%
Miami Dolphins18141.7% 1,87152.6%
Philadelphia Eagles17729.8% 1,08724.4%
Houston Texans16734% 1,17026.7%
Arizona Cardinals16635% 1,84147.5%
New England Patriots16529.7% 1,81240.5%
Seattle Seahawks16340.7% 1,40537.9%
Green Bay Packers15425% 1,17521.5%
New York Giants15426.8% 1,80840.6%
Kansas City Chiefs14525.7% 75314.9%
Cleveland Browns12822.9% 1,02618.5%
Carolina Panthers12122.2%1,49535.2%
Minnesota Vikings12020.3% 98722.8%
Indianapolis Colts115 18.1% 98920.9%
Los Angeles Chargers11222.1% 1,130 28.5%
New Orleans Saints10720.9% 84823.2%
Denver Broncos10618.8% 89821.3%
San Francisco 49ers8716.9% 62417.1%
Atlanta Falcons8113.4% 3175.9%
Chicago Bears7815.5% 58413%
Cincinnati Bengals5310% 45010.3%
Tennessee Titans399.1% 3029%
Los Angeles Rams173.1% 501%

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These lists will be depleted by re-signings and franchise tags. 
These lists will be supplemented by releases. 
This page will stay updated deep into the offseason.

John Daigle

John Daigle is an Emmy and FSWA award winner who has been covering the NFL and fantasy football for over a decade, working with NBC Sports EDGE for almost four years. He enjoys watching golf and Jon Moxley, not necessarily in that order. You can follow him on Twitter @notJDaigle.