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32 NFL Win Total Predictions

by Corey Parson
Updated On: August 31, 2021, 2:32 pm ET

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Throughout the course of the NFL betting offseason, we have gone over just about every team's Regular Season Win Total here at NBC Sports Edge. So it's only right, with the preseason being over, that I take a stab at every win total on the board. Do not ruin your bank roll by doing this. Regular Season Win Totals and odds via PointsBet

Cincinnati Bengals - O/U 6.5 Over (+100) Under (-120) 

I’m as big a Joe Burrow supporter as there is. I hit a big future wager on his LSU National Championship team, so he holds a special place in my heart. Just because we are best friends doesn't mean I’m on the Over for his current team. Under 6.5 

Philadelphia Eagles - O/U 6.5 Over (-135) (Under +115) 

We all might as well go ahead and cash this plus money Under on the Eagles; I can see Philadelphia being the worst team in the league. Head coach Nick Sirianni seems to be in over his head. Under 6.5 

Atlanta Falcons -O/U 7.5 Over (-140) Under (+120) 

The Falcons won four games last season. They made major organizational changes yet people think they are an eight win team this season. Give me a break. Under 7.5 

Chicago Bears - O/U 7.5 Over (+100) Under (-120) 

This one is kind of tough. I can see why the juice is on the Under but at the same time, I can see the Bears getting to eight wins. I think Justin Fields takes over sooner than later and gets the Bears Over the number. Over 7.5 

Carolina Panthers O/U 7.5 Over (+100) Under (-120) 

The Panthers are a team I'm looking forward to putting eyes on this season. Last season, the Panthers were 9-7 ATS, and I think they will top that number this season. Over 7.5 

Arizona Cardinals- O/U 8.5 Over (-105) Under (115) 

The Cardinals have the disadvantage of playing in what I consider the best division in football, the NFC West. My guy Warren Sharp sums up what to expect from the Cardinals perfectly in this piece.  I think they are a nine win team, but I'm not running to the window to place this bet. Over 8.5 

Pittsburgh Steelers - O/U 8.5 Over (+125) Under (-150) 

Boy I tell you what, the public really doesn't like the Steelers. I don't think Pittsburgh is going to be good this season either but, with that being said, fading the public and catching +125 on Mike Tomlin is too hard to pass up. Over 8.5 

Denver Broncos - O/U  8.5 Over (-115) Under (-105) 

With Teddy Bridgewater being named the starter, I think the sky is the limit for the Broncos. Over 8.5 

Washington Football Team - O/U 8.5 Over (-121) Under (+100) 

Washington is a team I'm looking forward to watching and betting on this season. Back-to-back NFC East titles could very well be in their future. Over 8.5 

Los Angeles Chargers - O/U 9.5 Over (+105) (Under -125)

I think reigning rookie of the year Justin Herbert will have the Chargers in the playoff race this season. I don't see them as a 10 win team but nine victories is very doable. Under 9.5 

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Dallas Cowboys - O/U 9.5 Over (+120) Under (-140) 

The Cowboys are a tough team to bet in this market. Everyone has an opinion on the Cowboys, mostly based on emotion. I suggest playing the Over. Over 9.5 

New England Patriots - O/U 9.5 (-120) Under (+100)

The Mac Jones era will begin in New England this season; that's a good thing. The former Crimson Tide quarterback understands the assignment. Over 9.5 

Miami Dolphins - O/U 9.5 Over (+115) Under (-135) 

I like what the Dolphins are doing. I think they could qualify for the playoffs and be a 10 win team this year. The Deshaun Watson talks could be a distraction, which makes this one of this year's tougher win totals. I'm going Under. Under 9.5 

Cleveland Browns - O/U 10.5 Over (-110) (Under -110) 

Last season was good for the Browns; they made the playoffs and won a game. Now, they have big expectations. They are one of the most popular Over bet teams at PointsBet. I'm fading the Browns. I think they are a 10 win playoff team but not an 11 win team that will be playing in the AFC Title game. Under 10.5 

Los Angeles Rams -O/U 10.5 Over (+120) Under (-140) 

I think the Rams are the best team in the NFC and will represent the conference in the Super Bowl. This is an easy Over for me. Over 10.5

San Francisco 49ers - O/U 10.5 Over (-105) Under (-115) 

The 49ers are one of the teams I'm looking forward to seeing this season. I think they will be a lot of fun to watch. They can make noise deep in the playoffs but can they win their division? Under 10.5 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - O/U 11.5 Over (-165) Under +135 

The NFC is wide open this season. Currently, I would agree that the Bucs are the best team in the conference. I don't think it will end that way, but it's hard to bet on them not to win at least 12 games. Over 11.5 

Kansas City Chiefs - O/U  12.5 Over (+120) Under (-140)

The Chiefs have the highest implied win total coming into the 2021 season and rightfully so. The teams in their division have improved and will play them tough, but the Chiefs enter the season as the class of the league. Over 12.5 

Buffalo Bills - O/U 11 Over (-120) Under (+100) 

The Buffalo Bills are a very popular Over bet at PointsBet. Their quarterback Josh Allen is one of the frontrunners for the league's MVP Award. The Bills have aspirations of playing in February. Over 11 

Detroit Lions - O/U 5 Over (+110) Under (-130) 

Lions fans don't have much to look forward to yet again this season. New head coach Dan Campbell does have a good staff, but that's about it. The roster is not that good and fixture Matthew Stafford is no longer in Detroit. I'm brave enough to fade the public. Over 5. 

Indianapolis Colts - O/U 9 Over (+105) Under (-125) 

This feels like a push to me. If the Colts have a healthy Wentz and offensive line, they can easily get to 10 wins. If not, it will be close to nine wins. I will take the shot with the plus money. Over 9 

Minnesota Vikings - O/U 9 Over (-105) Under (-115) 

The Vikings only won seven games last season but went 6-4 over their last 10 games. I think this is a nine win team at best. Under 9 

Tennessee Titans - O/U 9 Over (-170) Under (+140)

If the Colts are banged up throughout the season, no team will benefit more than the Titans. Odds of +140 on the Under are too sweet to turn down. Under 9 

Houston Texans - O/U 4 Over (-115) Under (-105) 

Most football fans think the Texans will be the worst team in the NFL this season. They could be correct, but I'm willing to bet Tyrod Taylor wills his teammates to five wins. Over 4 

Las Vegas Raiders - O/U 7 Over (-120) Under (+100) 

I really feel like Jon Gruden needs some signature wins this season. The Raiders won eight games last season, but most fans don't think they can get back to eight wins this year. I do, and you should tail me on this one. Over 7 

Baltimore Ravens - O/U 11 Over (-110) Under (-125) 

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the top teams in the AFC and the league. I think they represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year. Over 11 

New York Jets - O/U 6 Over (110) Under (110) 

The Jets have optimism coming into the 2021 NFL season; they have a new head coach and quarterback. Even though optimism is high, seven wins is out of reach for this season. Under 6 

Jacksonville Jaguars -O/U 6 Over (-121) Under (+100) 

The Jaguars only won one game last season. They took franchise quarterback hopeful Trevor Lawrence with the top pick in the draft, and Urban Meyer has taken over as head coach. Things are looking up in Jacksonville, but this is not a seven win season. Under 6 

Seattle Seahawks - O/U 10 Over (+100) Under (-120) 

The Seattle Seahawks are the reigning NFC West Champions, but you wouldn't think that was the case. Everyone likes the 49ers or Rams this year, forgetting about Russ and the 12th men. I wouldn't be so fast to overlook them, but I think they are a nine win team in a very tough division. Under 10. 

New York Giants - O/U 7 Over (-135) Under (+115) 

Seven wins for Danny Dimes, coach Joe Judge and the New York Giants is juiced to the Over. Easiest plus on the board. Under 7 

New Orleans Saints - O/U 9 Over (+110) Under (-130) 

The Saints are being slept on this season. I think Jameis Winston will surprise people and lead the Saints deep into the playoffs. Over 9 

Green Bay Packers -O/U 10 Over (-160) Under (+130) 

This number seems like it's too good to be true. After going 13-3 last season, how could the Packers not win at least 11 games in a 17 game season? Feels like a trap. Under 10

Corey Parson

Corey Parson is an award-winning, multi-sport fantasy and sports betting expert who has worked for SiriusXM, The Athletic, Sports Illustrated and more. He is from Harlem, NY, yet is somehow a Dallas Cowboys fan. You can follow him on Twitter @thefantasyexec.