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by Ike Feldman
Updated On: September 14, 2021, 2:24 pm ET

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DWCS Week 3 will bring the action. The Money Lines for the fights may be a little deceiving in the sense that the fights will come down to the wire. In normal circumstances, I can see these fights ending in a back and forth technical decision, but on the Contender Series stage, every fighter knows they have to run through the finish line and not just finish the race. The first two weeks did not disappoint and it will be more of the same tonight. 

-210 Nasrudin Nasrudinov (9-0) vs. +165 Jailton Almeida (13-2), Light-Heavyweight

At first glance, the undefeated Nasrudin Nasrudinov doesn’t do anything that jumps off the screen at you, until I noticed his constant pressure eventually becomes overwhelming for his opponent. He’s notched nine wins in nine fights to start his professional career. And it’s important to note that a fighter not tasting defeat becomes a more dangerous fighter because of the growing confidence with each win. His opponent, Jailton Almeida, is ready to put a “1” in the loss column of Nasrudinov. He carries with him into the cage one of my favorite stats, a 100% finish rate in victories. So we have an undefeated force meeting a killing machine. Plus, on the grappling side of things, Nasrudinov has very good top pressure that Almeida will try to counter with his jiu-jitsu. Nasrudinov hovers above his grounded opponents and delivers heavy blows, similarly to a Khabib Nurmagomedov. I think Nasrudinov can withstand an early onslaught from the gigantic Almeida and be that marauding force, even in a decision victory.

Selection: Nasrudin Nasrudinov

-600 Mo Miller (5-0) vs. +410 Brandon Lewis (5-0), Bantamweight

It’s rare that top talent in any given MMA promotion doesn't cross paths inside the cage but that’s the case with Miller and Lewis who both fought under the Legacy Fight Alliance MMA banner. For Miller, he had a busy 2019 and 2020 that was capped off by landing a huge knockout via suplexing his opponent into the canvas. Miller is also known for training alongside all-time great fighter and former UFC heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic. While Miller’s credentials are deep, Lewis is a young and athletic fighter who will bring the fight to Miller. Lewis is built like a fire-hydrant. He is very stocky and muscular from head to toe. Not only does he have a great gas tank for being so built, but he has great dexterity for looking like a cyborg. Lewis is able to fire his kicks in the direction of his opponents' chins with ease. Miller better bring his lunch pale because he has his work cut out for him, but attacking takedowns and draining Lewis’ gas tank will help him make it to the finish line with his hand raised.

Selection: Mo Miller

-425 Albert Duraev (13-3) vs. +310 Caio Bittencourt (14-6), Middleweight

Another Russia vs. Brazil match up on this card. These guys also have another thing in common; they haven’t seen live action since 2018. I always credit the matchmakers when need be and this is another one of those times. It’d definitely be an unfair advantage if a fighter was a lot more active when the other was on a hiatus. Happy to see two talented fighters not get swept under the rug because of inactivity. So back to the match up. Straight up, Duraev comes to bang. He is a very skilled and competent martial artist, but there’s no tangible stat for bringing the brawl to his opponents. It seems like the only times Duraev isn’t winging punches or kicks is when he’s taking a quick breath before he returns to brawling. Bittencourt is a very suitable matchup for a slugfest, and his counter style could mean lights out for Duraev. I very much like the decent sized underdog, Bittencourt, in this one. He also sits nicely at his 185-pound frame, while Duraev was originally a 170-pound champion before moving up.

Selection: Caio Bittencourt

-400 Łukasz Brzeski (8-1-1) vs. +290 Dylan Potter (10-5), Heavyweight

Brzeski is the real life Thor. This huge fighter from Poland may not always use the most fundamental techniques in his fights, but he gets the job done at a fantastic clip. On the other side, Dylan Potter, doesn't have much footage of his fights, which means there’s not much high-level competition he’s fought against. He is very lanky and possesses solid jiu-jitsu, but I expect this to be a walk in the park for Brzeski. There’s always the chance where an arm bar or triangle could present itself, but I think the mass difference between these two fighters will be the deciding factor.

Selection: Łukasz Brzeski

-135 Jack De la Maddalena (9-2) vs. +108 Ange Loosa (7-1), Welterweight

Maddalena, the Australian native, comes from one of the greatest hotbeds for MMA talent. Like so many fighters from that area of the world, Jack De la Maddalena is comfortable in the fire. Punch him, he’ll punch back. Take him down to the floor, he’ll start to work submissions. And then viola, he wins again. Facing Maddalena is Ange Loosa, who trains with one of the best teams in the world at Sanford MMA. While it’s been over two years since Loosa walked into the cage, I think the experience he’s gained at his elite training facility is what will help him edge out a victory.

Selection: Ange Loosa

-125 Jasmine Jasudavicius (5-1) vs. +100 Julia Polastri (8-2), Flyweight

Canadian Jasmine Jasudavicius takes on Brazilian Julia Polastri to start off the night of fights. Jasudavicius is a machete that wants to cut through her opponent with high-volume offense and pressure. Polastri is less high-volume but will occasionally engage in a game of rock 'em, sock' em robots. I think this fight is going to win the fight of the night and set the tone for the rest of the card. The only bad thing is that we’re only going to see three rounds of this war.

Selection: Jasmine Jasudavicius

Many more fights on the way this week. Stay locked in right here for much more intricate combat sports breakdowns, picks and previews.

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