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Matt Ryan
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The Lie Detector For NFL Draft Rumors

by Matt Stroup
Updated On: April 23, 2021, 11:13 am ET

With less than one week to go until the 2021 NFL Draft, Pat Daugherty, John Daigle and Denny Carter join me to break out the Good Football Show lie detector on some of the most prominent rumors circulating.

We consider whether the 49ers and Mac Jones is an elaborate smokescreen — and if so, who is the smokescreen for? Plus, will the Bengals prioritize protecting Joe Burrow over adding Ja'Marr Chase, will the Panthers target a quarterback even after trading for Sam Darnold, and will the Falcons swing for the fences with Kyle Pitts, or draft Matt Ryan’s successor in Justin Fields? We hit all of these rumors and much more, plus the demise of the European Super League and what it means for Pat's FIFA habit.

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Matt Stroup

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