Post-Season Fantasy Rankings

Playoff-Only Fantasy Football Rankings

by Kyle Dvorchak
Updated On: January 19, 2023, 5:12 pm ET

These rankings can be used for all playoff fantasy formats but were made for .5 PPR leagues with a tight end spot. Beware of your league settings and adjust accordingly. Underdog does not use a tight end, devaluing Travis Kelce, whereas the FFPC Playoff Challenge is TE Premium and awards double points for the Super Bowl. Most leagues don't go deep enough for the second half of this list to matter, but some sites, like DraftKings, feature absurdly large rosters.

Another note is that the rankings are nothing without a sound strategy. Each format has its quirks, but most fantasy playoff contests reward competitors for drafting players or even stacks that last until deep into the postseason. Playoff leagues are almost universally tournaments, so the rankings have an eye on upside. For these reasons, the rankings should only be used as a guideline, but looking at teams as a whole and building around them is also important. With that out of the way, here are the goods.


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Playoff-Only Top 100 Fantasy Rankings

RankNamePositionPosition RankTeam
1Josh AllenQBQB1BUF
2Travis KelceTETE1KC
3Christian McCaffreyRBRB1SF
4Ja'Marr ChaseWRWR1CIN
5Patrick MahomesQBQB2KC
6Stefon DiggsWRWR2BUF
7Jalen HurtsQBQB3PHI
8Joe BurrowQBQB4CIN
10Deebo SamuelWRWR4SF
11Justin JeffersonWRWR5MIN
12Tee HigginsWRWR6CIN
13George KittleTETE2SF
14CeeDee LambWRWR7DAL
15Austin EkelerRBRB2LAC
16DeVonta SmithWRWR8PHI
17Joe MixonRBRB3CIN
18Jerick McKinnonRBRB4KC
19Gabe DavisWRWR9BUF
20Miles SandersRBRB5PHI
21Tony PollardRBRB6DAL
22JuJu Smith-SchusterWRWR10KC
23Brandon AiyukWRWR11SF
24Dallas GoedertTETE3PHI
25Brock PurdyQBQB5SF
26Dalvin CookRBRB7MIN
27Keenan AllenWRWR12LAC
28Devin SingletaryRBRB8BUF
29Dak PrescottQBQB6DAL
30Isiah PachecoRBRB9KC
31Chris GodwinWRWR13TB
32Saquon BarkleyRBRB10NYG
33James CookRBRB11BUF
34Justin HerbertQBQB7LAC
35Mike EvansWRWR14TB
36Dawson KnoxTETE4BUF
37T.J. HockensonTETE5MIN
38Ezekiel ElliottRBRB12DAL
39Tyler BoydWRWR15CIN
40Dalton SchultzTETE6DAL
41Travis EtienneRBRB13JAX
42Kirk CousinsQBQB8MIN
43Mark AndrewsTETE7BAL
44Kadarius ToneyWRWR16KC
45Tom BradyQBQB9TB
46Isaiah McKenzieWRWR17BUF
47Christian KirkWRWR18JAX
48Leonard FournetteRBRB14TB
49Trevor LawrenceQBQB10JAX
50Joshua PalmerWRWR19LAC
51Hayden HurstTETE8CIN
52Michael GallupWRWR20DAL
53Elijah MitchellRBRB15SF
54Tyreek HillWRWR21MIA
55Adam ThielenWRWR22MIN
56Daniel JonesQBQB11NYG
57J.K. DobbinsRBRB16BAL
58Samaje PerineRBRB17CIN
59Zay JonesWRWR23JAX
60Kenneth WalkerRBRB18SEA
61Marquez Valdes-ScantlingWRWR24KC
62Geno SmithQBQB12SEA
63Jeff WilsonRBRB19MIA
64DK MetcalfWRWR25SEA
65Jaylen WaddleWRWR26MIA
66Evan EngramTETE9JAX
67Jauan JenningsWRWR27SF
68Rachaad WhiteRBRB20TB
69Tyler LockettWRWR28SEA
70Quez WatkinsWRWR29PHI
71K.J. OsbornWRWR30MIN
72Mecole HardmanWRWR31KC
73Kenneth GainwellRBRB21PHI
74Darius SlaytonWRWR32NYG
75Gerald EverettTETE10LAC
76Richie JamesWRWR33NYG
77Nyheim HinesRBRB22BUF
78Gus EdwardsRBRB23BAL
79Mike WilliamsWRWR34LAC
80Russell GageWRWR35TB
81DeAndre CarterWRWR36LAC
82Isaiah HodginsWRWR37NYG
83Alexander MattisonRBRB24MIN
84Khalil ShakirWRWR38BUF
85T.Y. HiltonWRWR39DAL
86Cole BeasleyWRWR40BUF
87Noah BrownWRWR41DAL
88Clyde Edwards-HelaireRBRB25KC
89Boston ScottRBRB26PHI
90Cade OttonTETE11TB
91Demarcus RobinsonWRWR42BAL
92John BrownWRWR43BUF
93Julio JonesWRWR44TB
94Justin WatsonWRWR45KC
95Lamar JacksonQBQB13BAL
96Isaiah LikelyTETE12BAL
97Ray-Ray McCloudWRWR46SF
98Jordan MasonRBRB27SF
99Marvin JonesWRWR47JAX
100Ronald JonesRBRB28KC


Last Update: 1/13/2023