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WWE Rankings: Bayley, IO SKY & Dakota Kai and Ciampa Make Major Impact

by Mike Murphy
Updated On: August 10, 2022, 10:58 am ET

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In both our SummerSlam Predictions and Power Rankings columns last week, we mentioned that things could look very different across the WWE landscape after the Peacock Premium Live Event. And while not much has changed yet at the very top of the company's pecking order, that sure was the case for everyone else.

The trio of Bayley, IO SKY and Dakota Kai debuted as a group and put the Raw Women's division on notice, Ciampa went from Miz's lackey to No. 1 Contender to the United States Championship, Theory came across as a hapless competitor in over his head for the second straight week and Becky Lynch got injured. The final part of that list aside, these developments are evidence that Triple H's vision for WWE Creative is in full effect and it's done a number on this week's rankings.

Without further adieu, let's get to it. And for a further breakdown, be sure to read on beyond the table.

Change Key:
NC = No Change from last week
NR = Not Ranked last week
Plus = Moved up from last week
Minus = Moved down from last week

1Roman Reigns - Undisputed WWE Universal ChampionSmackDownNC
2The Usos - Undisputed Tag Team ChampionsSmackDown+1
3Bianca Belair - Raw Women's ChampionRaw+1
4Bobby Lashley - United States ChampionRaw-2
5Drew McIntyreSmackDown+2
6Liv Morgan - SmackDown Women's ChampionSmackDown-1
7Seth "Freakin'" RollinsRaw+3
8Gunther - Intercontinental ChampionSmackDownNC
9Ronda RouseySmackDown+2
11A.J. StylesRaw+2
12The Viking RaidersSmackDown+5
14Bayley, IYO SKY & Dakota KaiRawNR
15Logan PaulN/A+4
16The MysteriosRawNR
17The Judgment DayRaw+1
18Pat McAfeeSmackDown+2
20The Street ProfitsRaw-4


1. Roman Reigns – Undisputed WWE Universal Champion (NC)

Not even The Beast could loosen the stranglehold "The Tribal Chief" has on the top spot of our WWE Power Rankings. The Last Man Standing Match at SummerSlam was most definitely a spectacle. After watching professional wrestling for more than three decades now, we can safely say that was the first time we ever saw a tractor lift the ring off the ground. But even that wasn't enough to keep "The Head of the Table" down. After tumbling out of the ring, Reigns was able to regroup and hit Brock Lesnar with everything but the kitchen sink.

Tired of seeing Lesnar continue to get to his feet before the 10-count, The Bloodline finally covered their nemesis with chairs, tables and anything else they could get their hands on to keep The Beast down for the victory. Reigns has now surpassed 700 days as champion with Drew McIntyre up next at Clash at the Castle on Sept. 3. 

2. The Usos – Undisputed Tag Team Champions (+1)

The Usos are seemingly unstoppable when it comes to championship matches, and they had two of them in back-to-back days as they successfully defended their gold against the Street Profits at SummerSlam and against The Mysterios on Raw. Both were squeaky clean victories as well, making the defenses all the more impressive. While the match against the Street Profits wasn't quite as great as their previous match at Money in the Bank, it was still very good. But more impressively, this was the best Dominik Mysterio may have ever looked, and The Usos deserve a lot of the credit for that. Jimmy and Jey have been one of the industry's top teams for quite some time now, but they're really clicking on all cylinders at the moment and making the most of their time at the top. 

3. Bianca Belair – Raw Women's Champion (+1)

After losing her championship to a returning Becky Lynch in just 26 seconds at last year's SummerSlam, the EST of WWE proved that was squarely in her rearview mirror. Belair's defense against "Big Time Becks" kicked off SummerSlam, and it was one of the highlights of the night. A lot of the talk was about Bayley making her big return after the match with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY by her side, but Belair and Lynch had one of the best matches on the card. Despite Lynch separating her shoulder early in the match, the two had a hard-hitting, back-and-forth bout that looked like it could go either way until Belair caught Lynch with a top-rope Spanish Fly followed by a KOD for the 1-2-3.

Belair also squared off against SKY on Raw as the former Io Shirai made her main roster debut in an 18-minute clash that was arguably the strongest on the show. The match ended as a no-contest as Bayley, Kai, Asuka and Alexa Bliss all got involved, but it was another strong showing from the champ. 

4. Bobby Lashley – United States Champion (-2)

“The All Mighty” drops two spots in the rankings, but it's really through no fault of his own. He made short work of Theory at SummerSlam, successfully defending his U.S. Title, but The Usos and Belair not only had big SummerSlams, but followed it up with very strong Raws as well. 

Next up for the champ? Ciampa. Yes, you read that correctly. Ciampa defeated A.J. Styles in a No. 1 Contender Match to earn the right to face Lashley next Monday on Raw. While seeing Ciampa rise to prominence seemingly overnight might seem surprising, he was a major star in NXT when Triple H ran the show for that property. An elite technician in the ring, Lashley could have his hands full with one of Triple H's prized pupils next week. 

5. Drew McIntyre (+2)

After feuding with The Brawling Brutes for what seems like an eternity, McIntyre finally overcame Sheamus in an Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match, which in English, means a Street Fight (hopefully ridiculous names like that are a thing of the past with Triple H heading up Creative now). These two always leave everything they have in the ring when they square off and clearly are comfortable working snugly, and this was match was no different. Chairs, the steel ring steps, whiskey barrels, bar stools, tables and even shillelaghs came into play, but it was McIntyre's trademark Claymore Kick that put away Sheamus for good, earning himself the next shot at Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle. The Scotsman should have the home-field advantage when they square off in Wales, but will it be enough to finally supplant "The Head of the Table"? 

6. Liv Morgan – SmackDown Women's Champion (-1)

Liv successfully defended her SmackDown Women's Championship on Sunday against Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam, but to say the referee's decision was questionable would be a massive understatement. Morgan clearly tapped out to Rousey's armbar before the ref's hand hit the mat for three, but the ref was in a terrible position and didn't see it. It's a good way to protect Ronda, but it doesn't help Morgan look like a credible champ at all so early in her first run. This could turn the crowd against her, but maybe a heel turn is what she needs for the long haul. We'll drop her just one spot for now and keep a close eye on what goes down this Friday.

7. Seth "Freakin'" Rollins (+3)

Despite his match getting scrapped on Sunday, Rollins still managed to move up three spots in our rankings by making a big impact both at SummerSlam and Raw. Showing off his ruthless side, he put an already injured Riddle down for the count at The Biggest Party of the Summer with another Stomp when "The Original Bro" unwisely came to the ring and called out "The Visionary."

Rollins kept things going strong on Raw by teasing a run at Roman Reigns and his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship before cutting a hell of a promo on the interrupting Street Profits. That was followed by a victory over a game Montez Ford, but it was a victory all the same. We're excited to see what the next week holds.

8. Gunther – Intercontinental Champion (NC)

Gunther wasn't on SmackDown nor SummerSlam, but he holds steady at No. 8 given his recent form and status as Intercontinental Champion. It also helped that those beneath him from last week failed to do enough to overtake him. The only exception to that is Rollins, who was balanced out by wife Becky Lynch falling completely out of our rankings due to her separated shoulder.

9. Ronda Rousey (+2)

Ronda picked up two spots this week despite losing at SummerSlam and being suspended following the event. That's because she would have won the SmackDown Women's Championship on Sunday night were it not for poor officiating. Ronda assaulted the referee after the match for his guffaw, which then led to said suspension.

The move helps protect Ronda as one of the biggest Superstars of the Women's division, keeps her as an immense threat to Liv Morgan and gives her a legitimate claim to remain the No. 1 Contender for the SmackDown Women's Title. If her suspension is an extended one, however, then we'll have no choice but to start dropping her until she returns.

10. Ciampa (NR)

Well hello, Ciampa! Arguably the greatest NXT Champion of all time, Ciampa catapults himself from "On the cusp" all the way to our Top 10 after an incredible two-win performance on Raw that has him set for a date with Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship. He was able to first beat Dolph Ziggler and Gable in a Triple Threat Match before getting a pinfall on A.J. Styles. Even though you can give an assist to Miz on the latter due to his outside interference distracting Styles, a win over that quality of opponent is massive for Ciampa.

It's hands-down the biggest thumbprint to date in Triple H's young time as head of WWE Creative, but it's not one we're going to complain about. Ciampa was a cornerstone of the old Black and Gold brand for good reason and we can't wait to see where this goes from here.

11. A.J. Styles (+2)

Ciampa is the biggest riser this week with a U.S. Title opportunity awaiting him, but Styles also gets bumped up a couple of spots after his performance on Monday. First, he won a Triple Threat Match against The Miz and Mustafi Ali, highlighted by a creative Styles Clash on Ali.

And while he lost to Ciampa later in the night, it took some interference from The Miz to make it happen. The questionable finish allows Styles to save some face and keeps the rivalry with The Miz going. As opposed to recent weeks, Styles actually appears to have some direction. 

12. The Viking Raiders (+5)

The Raiders have been on the rise for a few weeks now and they get their biggest boost yet after their showing against The New Day on SmackDown this past Friday. Not only did they defeat Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in convincing fashion, but they also demolished them after the match. The attack ended with Erik and Ivar pinning Woods' leg in a chair and crushing it with their shields. Calling them the “new, vicious Viking Raiders” is a little cheesy, but it was appropriate in this instance. Could they be next to challenge The Usos? 

13. Bayley, IYO SKY, and Dakota Kai (NR)

The unexpected debut of this new trio after the Bianca Belair/Becky Lynch match at SummerSlam had Triple H written all over it. Nobody is complaining. While Lynch's separated shoulder was unfortunate, the women's division on Raw was certainly in need of some fresh matchups.

The infusion of this as-yet-unnamed new trio will certainly accomplish that goal. Bayley, SKY, and Kai put a beatdown on the already-injured Lynch on Monday and later targeted Asuka and Alexa Bliss. This led to a three-on-three brawl during a match between Bianca and SKY, which sets up all sorts of fun possibilities. The introduction of this new group couldn't have gone much better. 

14. Edge (NR)

The new-look Edge also made his return at SummerSlam after being teased in vignettes in recent weeks. Not surprisingly, he showed up to avenge The Judgment Day turning on him two months ago, helping The Mysterios to a victory in the process. He followed that up with an effective promo on Monday, explaining the shift in his motivations and his vow to end the group he once led. His night didn't exactly end as intended, as he accidentally speared Dominik Mysterio thanks to some interference by Rhea Ripley, but it's clear this rivalry is just getting started. 

15. Logan Paul (+4)

Logan Paul is way better than he has any right to be at pro wrestling, at least relative to his brief experience. That's the biggest takeaway from his match with The Miz at SummerSlam. Paul has a good look and he's clearly an outstanding athlete as well. His frog splash of The Miz through the announce table was a show-stealing sort of moment.

He's clearly not your typical “celebrity” talent. The question is how often he's going to appear on WWE programming. Hopefully, he's just getting started. 

16. The Mysterios (NR)

The father-son duo served up justice on Sunday thanks in part to a returning Edge, but Raw showed that their conflict with The Judgment Day may not be over. After putting up a spirited fight in the main event of Raw against The Usos where Rey and Dominik came up short of securing the Undisputed Tag Team Championships, their rivals pounced by launching another assault. Edge came to make the save, but it went awry as an errant Spear found the younger Mysterio. Edge then gave chase to Balor and Priest as Rey tended to his son in confusion.

But despite this down note of an ending to the week, we're going to boost The Mysterios up here to No. 16 ahead of The Judgment Day thanks to the SummerSlam win and prominent Raw presence in an entertaining title bout.

17. The Judgment Day (+1)

They may be behind their rivals here, but The Judgment Day actually moved up a spot from our rankings last week. That's because of the positive end to their week by getting the best of The Mysterios (see the above entry for details on that) and the fact that their current storyline just got kicked up a notch due to Edge's return. Let's just hope for their sake that they come out of this clash with their former leader stronger than they've looked since ousting him.

18. Pat McAfee (+2)

Announcer by day, in-ring Superstar by night, Pat McAfee had another impressive outing inside the squared circle by earning a victory over Happy Corbin at SummerSlam. This was probably McAfee's shakiest performance to date, but that's not a knock by any stretch. Despite it being just his third matchup, he's worlds better than some Superstars who have had much more training and have been doing this for years.

It's probably safe to say that McAfee will go back to being primarily an announcer for a while, so this may be his last appearance in the Power Rankings for the near future, but maybe we'll see him back in the mix for Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble.

19. Riddle (-7)

It's been a tough stretch for "The Original Bro." After looking so impressive in a losing effort to Roman Reigns a month and a half ago, Riddle came inches away from winning Money in the Bank. But ever since then, he's been focused on Seth Rollins, and things have taken a turn for the worse.

After a brutal attack on Raw two weeks ago, Riddle suffered a brachial plexus injury and was not cleared to compete at SummerSlam. A fired-up Riddle came out anyways, calling out Rollins. "The Visionary" obliged and delivered yet another Stomp, leaving Riddle laying once again. If Riddle doesn't turn things around soon, he'll be knocked off this list completely. 

20. The Street Profits (-4)

Similar to Riddle, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins have also hit a bit of a rough patch. After a blown call by the ref at Money in the Bank, The Street Profits had a chance at redemption at SummerSlam but they fell once again to The Usos. This time, there was no doubt about the outcome.

It's been no secret that many of the higher-ups at WWE see Ford as a future singles star, and who could blame them? While dissension has been teased between Dawkins and Ford on and off, the duo claims they remain as strong as ever. However, Ford did face Seth Rollins in a Singles Match on Raw after cheating Dawkins out of their Rock, Paper, Scissors game to determine who would face "The Visionary." While Ford had an impressive showing, his inexperience as a singles competitor did show at times, and he ultimately fell to Rollins.

Where do The Street Profits go from here? Will Dawkins get a shot at Rollins next? Do they regroup and try to climb back up that ladder for another shot at The Usos? The future looks murky, and that's not a good thing. 

On the cusp: Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Dolph Ziggler, The Brawling Brutes, Lacey Evans, Shinsuke Nakamura, Madcap Moss, The Miz, Mustafa Ali, Alpha Academy

Who's NXT: Bron Breakker, Mandy Rose, The Creed Brothers, Carmelo Hayes, Zoey Stark, JD McDonagh, Tony D'Angelo, Alba Fyre, Apollo Crews, Grayson Waller

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy is the Manager of the Gaming News Desk for NBC Sports EDGE and is a former WWE.com writer and editor as well as a former host of WWE's UpUpDownDown YouTube Channel.