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By the Numbers

2021 Unaccounted For Carries

by John Daigle
Updated On: August 3, 2021, 7:22 pm ET

Below is a list of all 32 NFL teams’ unaccounted for carries, percentage of carries, and carries inside the five-yard line ahead of the 2021 regular season. As players are re-signed and/or released, this chart will be updated to reflect vacant opportunity on the ground for every team.

You can also track all available targets, air yards, and targets inside the 10-yard line throughout the offseason here.



Last Updated: 8/3

TeamCarriesCarry%Inside 5Inside 5%
Atlanta Falcons36789.7%1789.4%
Los Angeles Rams29963.2%2165.6%
Detroit Lions24366.2%1460.8%
New York Giants23959.8%1477.7%
Arizona Cardinals23949.8%2172.4%
New York Jets21653.2%535.7%
Carolina Panthers21352.3%1050%
Pittsburgh Steelers16945.3%934.6%
Miami Dolphins14533.8%1241.3%
Cincinnati Bengals14034%531.2%
Green Bay Packers13530.5%640%
Denver Broncos12728.7%323%
San Francisco 49ers12528.6%521.7%
Los Angeles Chargers10923.3%630%
Chicago Bears10125.6%318.7%
Seattle Seahawks9523.1%422.2%
Las Vegas Raiders9320.3%--
Houston Texans8825.8%210%
Baltimore Ravens8515.3%14.7%
Philadelphia Eagles7618.8%325%
New England Patriots7314.5%27.6%
Kansas City Chiefs7017.3%317.6%
Indianapolis Colts398.4%520.8%
Dallas Cowboys296.7%13.3%
Tennessee Titans275.1%14.1%
New Orleans Saints214.2%27.4%
Buffalo Bills163.8%14.1%
Jacksonville Jaguars154.4%--
Tampa Bay Buccaneers123.2%--
Minnesota Vikings112.3%411.7%
Cleveland Browns91.8%--
Washington Football Team----


These lists will be depleted by re-signings and franchise tags. 
These lists will be supplemented by releases. 
This page will stay updated deep into the offseason.